"The value you receive is proportionate to the value you give"

In other words, what you put in is also what you get out. Solex's vision is to gives as much value to the Solana ecosystem as much as possible. We simply want to grow fast and expand our nets so that we can make investing accessible those hunting great projects.The more incentives we can offer in a sustainable manner, the faster we reach our goals.


At the end of every quarter, the SOLEX team will publish financial reports to exclusively to investors who participated in the $SOLEX token sale.A portion of SOLEX overall net revenue (after expenses) that we collected from the fees of token raises, and monetization will be allocated to our early and loyal supporters.
Net Revenue Split:
30% of the quarterly net revenue is split between Sapphire and Diamond Tier.The 30% net revenue is then divided: Sapphire Tier: 30% share Diamond Tier: 70% share Example:Q1 Net Revenue (after expenses): $100,000 -> 30% shared among investors = $30,000
  • Platinum Tier: 30% or $9,000
  • Diamond Tier:70% or $21,000

"We believe that we should give as much as we can back to our community while still maintaining stability" -Solex

That is why we have come up with 4 phases of the royalties distribution. We will start by giving our loyal investors the highest, yet sustainable share of the net revenue. The revenue share percentage will decrease to 30% after phase 4 to long-term sustainability of our business model. After phase 4, the revenue share will remain at 30% for the life-time of the project until a vote has been issued using our governance structure.

Phase 1 Royalties distribution

50% net revenue share.​

Phase 2 Royalties distribution

45% net revenue share.​​

Phase 3 Royalties distribution

35% net revenue share.​​

Phase 4 Royalties distribution

30% net revenue share.
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