Tiered Leaderboard

Exclusive Benefits for Elite Members. Fairness is Key.


In the Solex platform, the launchpad leaderboard feature allows users (tier 2 & tier 3 only) to establish a profile linked to their wallet.
Additionally, the top-performing users on the leaderboard will be rewarded with exclusive benefits each month.

Leaderboard Ranking Criteria:

  • Activity Score: This score gauges the user's engagement within the Solex ecosystem (such as time spent on the launchpad, overall activity, login frequency, etc.). Higher engagement leads to more points.
  • Total Investments: This measures the total amount invested within the Solex ecosystem, including Solex token holdings and investments in IDOs on Solex's platform. Larger investments garner more points.
  • Staked Solex Duration: Points are calculated based on the amount of Solex staked and the duration of the stake. Longer staking periods result in more points.
Perks for Top Rankers:
  • Solex will provide exclusive benefits to the top 100 ranked members on the leaderboard each month. These benefits will encompass airdrops, dividends (a share in Solex's profits), or additional allocations for future bonus tokens.
  • The leaderboard rankings are set to commence in February 2024, with more details to be announced soon.