Tiered System

Solex also comes up with the interesting idea of helping to differentiate investors and prioritize them through the tiers system according to how much they invest: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Each tier is set up to give more rewards, reflecting the level of investment. The higher the tier, the more significant the perks.

1. Gold Tier (14,000 $SOLEX)

  • 20% pool reserved + whatever left remaining
  • Guaranteed whitelist
  • Loyalty Rewards

2. Platinum Tier (35,000 $SOLEX)

  • 30% pool reserve
  • Guaranteed whitelist
  • Increased Allocation Size
  • Potential lower price entry to token launches
  • Tokens must be staked

3. Diamond Tier (70,000 $SOLEX)

  • 50% pool reserve
  • Guaranteed whitelist on any future project.
  • Unlimited Allocation (varies depending on the raise)
  • Priority investment (Always first)
  • Early Project Information
  • VIP Pricing in Private Rounds
  • Potential lower price entry on upcoming IDOs
  • Potential bonus tokens if purchased
To keep Solex fair and stable, we've set a cooldown period for moving between tier levels.
Let's say you own 70,000 $SOLEX coins, placing you in the Diamond Tier. If you choose to sell some of your coins, you'll shift down to the Platinum Tier. Want to climb back up to Diamond? Aside from needing the coins, you'll also need to wait 5 days.


1. What are Pool Reserves?

Pool reserved is the allocation that a tier gets. Example: Project X wants to raise 100 SOL If the Gold tier has a 20% reserve, it means 20 SOL (20% of 100 SOL) is reserved only for gold.

2. What if the highest tier isn't able to fill out their pool reserve ?

The remaining pool allocation is then offered to the tier below it. Example: If the Diamond tier has a 50% allocation of the entire round and they were only able to fill out 40% of it, the remaining 10% would go towards the platinum tier.


Solex Insurance is a protective feature offered by the Solex platform, designed to safeguard investors' funds in case of adverse events such as a security breach or a significant drop in token value post-launch.

4. Do I need to stake my tokens to be in a tier?

Yes, for Gold and Platinum Tiers, you need to stake your tokens. However, Diamond Tier members enjoy the benefits without the need to stake their tokens.